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Healing Gong Bliss – to support Living Yoga

September 6,  7:00-8:30pm

$20 all proceeds to benefit Living Yoga


with Liv Avtar and fellow Shakti House gong players!

You won’t want to miss this blissful gong event on Saturday September 6th!  This new recurring 1st Saturday event will bring in the healing energy of multiple gongs which will be positioned at different sides of the room giving a truly unique and powerful sound healing experience.  Gong Bliss events start with approximately 30 minutes of kundalini yoga movement and praanayama exercises followed by 45 minutes of gong.  September is drug and alcohol awareness month, and we are thrilled to bring this event forth to support Living Yoga’s mission to provide yoga and meditation to prisons, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, and populations that would otherwise not have access to it.

Sound healing meditations are considered one of the most deeply healing and restorative meditations possible because of the deep state of relaxation that is attained in response to the sound vibration. Many class participants feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off of them by the end of the meditation. Don’t miss this opportunity to de-stress and relax!

“This is the first and the last instrument for the human mind; the human mind has no power before it. This is the only thing that supersedes the human mind, because this is the basic creative sound. Mind was created out of it; it’s like the father and mother together.”
–Yogi Bhajan


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Yoga and Pilates in Suspension

50 hour Aerial Teacher Training course
with the founders of Air Yogalates

Marie-Michelle Faber & Genevieve Berube***

Dates: September 5th until 13th (Included)

Cost: $1000 ($300 non-refundable)


Manual & License

Access to Videos

AYL-1 Teacher Training Certification
Learn to teach a variety of techniques, skills and theory that will deepen your knowledge of aerial work!

A creative training method that combines Yoga, Pilates, Dance and Aerial Circus Arts.

- Specific sequences to stretch, align, reinforce, and restore the body

- Focusing on the meridian lines to release toxins, blockages and bring balance to the body

- Nourishing and soothing to the mind

- This new approach brings FREEDOM – ENERGY — BALANCE

Information & registration
info@airyogalates. com

AIr Yogalates uses a hammock suspended and adjustable between 1 and 4 feet off the ground. It enables movements in suspension and inversion on and off the ground.


Day  Hours
Friday, 5th 8:30-4:30
10-11:30 (in Lobby)
Lunch: 1 hr. 
Saturday, 6th 10:30-4:00
Lunch: .5 hr. 
Sunday, 7t 8:30-5:0010-11:30 (in Lobby)

Lunch: 1 hr.


Monday, 8th 8:30-4:00
10-11:30 (in Lobby)
Tuesday, 9th 11:00-6:00
Lunch: 1hr. 
Wednesday, 10th 8:30-4:00
10-11:30 (in Lobby)
Thursday, 11 8:30-4:00
Lunch: 1 hr. 
Friday, 12th 11:00-5
Lunch: 1 hr. 


2b0a9f_4ee34adefba8952e055147b5e0686b04.jpg_srz_238_323_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz 1998 Marie-Michelle has performed more than 5000 shows worldwide with Quidam, Corteo and Amaluna Cirque du Soleil productions . Aside from the circus, she was privately trained by Guru Senthil Kumar (Ph.D) in traditional Ashtanga Yoga Sutras of Patanjali in Coonoor, India. She has also trained with Bernie Clark in Yin Yoga and recently in Prenatal Yoga with Clare Newman and Dre Bernadette De Gasquet in Postnatal.




2b0a9f_00ceaa2e8f7c6af94821922326b3c76a.jpg_srz_238_323_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz Geneviève is a professional circus artist and is a two-time medal winner in circus festivals in China and Hungary. She has worked with several companies such as Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Éloize and ExMachina. Since 2007, she has been collaborating with Robert Lepage, participating in Opera and Theater projects as an acrobatic designer, head trainer for the acrobatic and dance teams, acrobatic talent scout and of course, performing on stage during the productions.

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with Serena of “Juicy Hoops”

(Beginner/All levels)

REGISTER HERE: Starts Septembe 8, 2014!  7:30-8:30pm

Series starts Sept 8th-29th.  There will be a new 4 week series each month.

$70/ 4 week series (save $10!), $20 drop ins.
Class is limited to 10 hoopers so please sign up in advance, class will FILL UP!




Come experience the wonderful world of hooping as we spiral into our juicy selves! The hoop is simply a tool to help us go inside and listen to our inner child, that care free state where anything is possible! You will learn a ton of fantastic hoop moves, and with patience and dedication, you will find that sweet spot where the magic starts to flow. You will soon discover why hoop dance is so infectious and contagious!


Serena can teach anyone to hoop! She has a way of breaking down hoop moves that is easy to understand. Her classes invite playfulness, laughter and bliss as you lose yourself in the hoop! Not only is it tremendously fun, its also an incredible workout! Come sweat, dance and move and groove with us!
Practice hoops are provided. No Experience necessary, just bring yourself and an open heart!
Professional quality hoops are available for purchase at the Shakti House if you choose to take one home with you.






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