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Yoga Gone Wild: Embodied Feminine Wisdom
A Yoga + Movement Workshop for Women
with Meghan Morris

Saturday, May 10, 2014
 3:30-7:30 pm


$60 – 4/27 on….

REGISTER AT:  www.wildyogini.com

YOGA = Awakening to the potency of your essential nature.
Gone WILD = Returned to your natural, free movement and inherent wisdom.

Yoga Gone Wild guides women into remembering the wisdom that lives deep in their bones. Instead of dusty, expired dogmas or neat and tidy boxes of “how things should be,” the path of the Wild Yogini is alive, juicy, and right here at the crest of each new moment. The Yoga Gone Wild practice includes strong, earthen asana; fluid, sensual movement; dance as moving meditation; nourishing breathing; sound; and embodied relaxation. Yoga Gone Wild doesn’t seek to change or transform you, but rather to open you to the instinctual, timeless spirit that already lives within you. You will leave having awakened to new levels of connection, embodiment, and enjoyment of yourself, your body and your life.


About your river guide:
Meghan brings over 10,000 hours of teaching experience and an ongoing study of movement, nature, and the body. Yoga Gone Wild was birthed out of Meghan’s desire to share the lucid, juicy aliveness and satisfying depth of the feminine practices of yoga. Meghan guides participants home to the inner universe of their bodies. Inspired by the compass of the five elements as found in nature, Meghan finds immense joy in sharing Yoga Gone Wild with women. A Hawaiian-born mermaid adventurer, Meghan lives in Los Angeles, where she regularly dunks in the ocean, plays, learns, and grows with her husband and two pups.

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Triple Healing Gong Meditation

May, 16 7:15-8:30pm

$15 dollars in advance, $18 at the door


with Dr. Michelle Hebert

Join us the 3rd Friday of every month for a special evening of triple gong meditation created to uplift consciousness, balance your energy and unlock the joy from within. This healing experience begins with breathing, gentle stretching and movement (all beginner level) which allows the nervous system to prepare for the sound vibrations. Class participants then lie face up on a yoga mat in resting pose (Shivasana) and experience the powerful healing sound vibrations of two gongs, crystal bowl, bells, and guided meditation.

“You have no resistance against this sound. It is the master sound, the Adi Naad. Everything you think becomes zero—the gong prevails.”
–Yogi Bhajan

Sound healing meditations are considered one of the most deeply healing and restorative meditations possible because of the deep state of relaxation that is attained in response to the sound vibration. Many class participants feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off of them by the end of the meditation. Don’t miss this opportunity to de-stress and relax!

“This is the first and the last instrument for the human mind; the human mind has no power before it. This is the only thing that supersedes the human mind, because this is the basic creative sound. Mind was created out of it; it’s like the father and mother together.”
–Yogi Bhajan

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Aerial Yoga: The Vertical Sun Salutation Flow w/ Flips, Rolls & Turns

With Wendi Lynch from Aerial Yoga Hawaii

Sunday May 25, 2014 12:00 – 3:00p

$40 in advance; $45 day of

Learn how to transform the Aerial Hammock into a vertical yoga mat. This class will include an active mid-air vinyasa practice. Creating fluid breath focused movements in the hammock is one of the most potent practices available.

Flips, rolls and turns bring a new element of excitement and challenge to your Aerial Yoga flow. These transitions allow for new varieties of mid – air sequencing. Adding these new transitions will help the practitioner gain control of their body in air, leading to a more easeful practice. We will work on safely accessing these transitions and how to incorporate them into a challenging elevated practice. Come connect to your body in a whole new dimension.

Attendees should have a current and consistent Aerial Yoga practice and feel confident lifting their body weight off the ground for 30+ seconds.



About Wendi Lynchd41735_40691d55d945fef9fe86e4b65f0dc460.png_srz_285_295_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srz

Wendi Lynch is an E-RYT200 Aerial Yoga Teacher; a devoted student of yoga since 2002.  After falling in love with trapeze arts in 2008 she naturally gravitated to Aerial Yoga, training with Unnata Aerial Yoga, in 2010.  Inspired by this training, Wendi developed her own method, Leva Aerial Yoga.  Her approach was to transform the aerial hammock into a vertical yoga mat; eventually the practice is performed primarily suspended and the hammock becomes an extension of the body rather than a mere prop.  The word Leva comes from the Hawaiian word Lewa, meaning aerial; to float; levitate

The de-compressive qualities of the practice led her to a fluidity and depth of practice she had not experienced before.  Watching her students become pain free and their body awareness, strength and flexibility skyrocket through Aerial Yoga is deeply satisfying and inspiring. Her teaching style is playful and athletic, encouraging and creative. Wendi’s teaching is strongly informed by her bodywork; she is a NCTMB and Hawaii state licensed massage therapist. Wendi is continually expanding her knowledge of the architecture of the body and how it relates to poses both on the floor and in the air.

As the first certified Aerial Yoga instructor in the islands, Wendi developed the Aerial Yoga program at Still and Moving Center in Honolulu. She founded Aerial Yoga Hawaii, teaches weekly classes on Kauai and monthly workshops and bi-annual Leva Aerial Yoga Teacher Trainings on Oahu.

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