February 7,  7:00-8:30pm

with  Shakti House gong players!

This recurring 1st Saturday event will bring in the healing energy of multiple gongs which will be positioned at different sides of the room giving a truly unique and powerful sound healing experience.  Gong Bliss events start with approximately 30 minutes of kundalini yoga movement and praanayama exercises followed by 45 minutes of gong.

Sound healing meditations are considered one of the most deeply healing and restorative meditations possible because of the deep state of relaxation that is attained in response to the sound vibration. Many class participants feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off of them by the end of the meditation. Don’t miss this opportunity to de-stress and relax!

“This is the first and the last instrument for the human mind; the human mind has no power before it. This is the only thing that supersedes the human mind, because this is the basic creative sound. Mind was created out of it; it’s like the father and mother together.”
–Yogi Bhajan


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