What is Aerial Yoga at The Shakti House?

Our Aerial Yoga classes merge traditional yoga with aerial arts.

Our hammocks are a new kind of ‘prop’ that aid in body positioning and alignment. We focus on strength, flexibility and fun. Since our hammocks allows for safe inversions, we are able to work on spinal decompression from your very first session. There are so many fun and rewarding yoga poses you may have found challenging in a traditional yoga class.

Here at Shakti House you get to embrace growth in these poses on your first try. If you are new to yoga or aerial arts, our Beginner Aerial or Restorative Aerial are perfect places to begin. You will feel safe, challenged and rewarded.

Everyone gets to use the hammock for the entire class, so space is limited to 12 people. It’s a good idea to pre-register.

Combining the asanas of yoga with the aerial fabric produces the health benefits of increased blood flow, flexibility in the spine, stability in the shoulders and core strength. The aerial fabric eases the body into the positions and offers a safe and creative way to practice a new style of yoga. This exciting and supported style of yoga will build confidence in all levels and especially ALL BODY TYPES of students and offers a unique experience to yoga. All Levels Welcome, but geared for those new to the silks!

AERIAL classes start promptly at the scheduled time. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early in order to get set up in your silk.

Doors will close at the scheduled time. Because silks are limited, and Aerial is in high demand, we will give away your spot if there is someone waiting. If there is not someone at the studio, you will be charged.

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