What is Forrest Yoga at The Shakti House?

Forrest Yoga is a powerful, life changing yoga practice created by Ana Forrest. Our group is closely connect to the Forrest Yoga tribe. Our senior level teachers & Guardians regularly assist Ana Forrest with workshops and trainings around the world.

Forrest Yoga is designed for people, & people’s bodies, of today. In our classes you will learn tools to take home to help relieve tension or injuries out of the studio as well! We focus on relaxing our necks in most poses to soften upper back and shoulder tightness. We also work with active feet to help strengthen and support knee health & rehab.

In our Forrest Yoga classes here at The Shakti House, you will experience strong, consciously sequenced classes designed to warm you up to our Apex pose and down to savasana in a safe way for your body. Our teachers go through years of training to be a Certified Forrest Yoga teacher. You can expect hands on assists in the poses that will help you go deeper into the medicine of the pose.

Here are some things you will notice in our Forrest Yoga classes:
•Classes are heated to 80 degrees to aid in softening the muscles for a safe stretch
•Classes have quiet music playing, or have no music at all to allow you to make the most of your precious time on the mat
•Each class is different. You may work with hip openers one class, and twists, inversions, back bends, standing poses, or a variety in the next
•The pacing of a Forrest Yoga class is slower (3-5 breaths per pose) so you can feel the alignment of the pose in your own body
•All Classes are All Levels. Our teachers provide up-levels for more advanced students, and modifications for those of us working with injuries

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