Keri Padon

Keri Padon is a native to the “Big Sky State” – Montana – and has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. She grew up loving nature and sharing in the passion of outdoor activities with family and friends. Along with a foundation of gymnastics and other activities, Keri found a natural passion in snowboarding. In high school, college, and beyond, she competed, guided, and taught snowboarding and skiing.

In 2009 she found herself looking for a change and moved back to her hometown. With this move, her lifestyle changed, as there was suddenly no mountain to ski on in her backyard. This shift catalyzed the question: “If I am no longer a snowboarder, who do I want to be?” Yoga began to answer that question and led to a path that felt like home, like love – like her true self.

In 2011 she moved to Portland and fulfilled a long-time desire to undergo a formal yoga teacher training. Keri found herself in a transformational, enriching, and thorough program at the Bhaktishop taught by Lisa Mae Osborne, Uma Diana Hulet, and Hari-bhakti Dasi (Heidi Jo Timm). Upon moving, she found another activity, which ignited a new passion – aerial arts at Night Flight. This led to the discovery of “aerial yoga” – a duet of her favorite passions, which greatly excited and inspired her.

Keri believes in creating a safe practice space for body, mind, and spirit, both in life, and when teaching vinyasa, yin, and aerial yoga. Since her yoga teacher training she has continued her education with various workshops and immersions. Keri sees yoga as a cultivation of self- and collective awareness, self-love, a practice of being present. Her style of teaching focuses on intention; the condition of mind, heart, and breath; and finding depth. Her approach is characterized by playfulness, mindfulness, and presence. She looks forward to practicing with you in class.

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