Sharon Hanson

Sharon Hanson, has been a devoted student of Hatha Yoga since 1991 and has been teaching since 1996. The first 10 years of her practice was under the tutorage of her first beloved teacher Diane Wilson of Portland Or. Sharon received her teacher certification from Sivananda Yoga Vendanta Centre in 1999, completed teacher training with Ana Forrest and internationally renowned master teachers Angela Farmer and Victor Van Kooten. Sharon continues to be a student of yoga along with other schools of healing such as Reiki and Thai massage. She quickly recognized the invaluable tools of yoga off of the mat and how it transformed her life from inside out. Diane Wilson directed her early in her practice 1995 that the next step in her personal practice is to teach others from her knowledge, experience, joy and gratitude of the practice.

Sharon knows that to “follow her BLISS” is to share the gifts of yoga to others from where they are presently on their mat. She loves the creative play of the practice in the group class to honor each student’s level of experience, their needs and their challenges and to deliver the techniques and wisdom of Hatha Yoga so each student thrives individually as well as the class collectively. She feels grateful for her ability and skills to engage her students by presenting not only the science of Hatha Yoga but the creative art. Sharon knows she is delivering the gifts of yoga when the discover a deeper sense of grounding, peace, curiosity for more and laughter.

Sharon teaches various yoga classes for all levels throughout the Portland area and most recently in 2013 was trained by Terri Poch to teach aerial yoga with a therapeutic approach for physical healing, structural alignment as well as for fitness and a chance to play.

Sharon’s personal mantra is “Dare to be your most brilliant, dare to be your brightest, dare to be visible in this world. JOY! JOY! JOY!”

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